Adult Autism Support Service

CAASS is for adults living with Autism in Coventry and Warwickshire.

Coventry and Warwickshire Mind is a new Community Adult Autism Support Service (CAASS) in partnership with Springfield Mind and Act for Autism.

CAASS support services available include:

Weekly Peer Support Groups

A safe space for adults with Autism to:

  • Meet with others on a regular basis
  • Socialise with people in similar situations
  • Plan and agree group activities
Days Location Time
Fridays Nuneaton 6.00-7.30pm
Fridays Rugby 1.00pm-3.00pm
Tuesdays Leamington 10am-12noon OR 6.00pm-8.00pm*
Fridays Stratford 10am-12noon OR 6.00pm-8.00pm*
Saturdays Coventry 10am-12noon

All places must be booked, this is not a drop in service. If someone is interested in the group they must contact us to check availability (see contact details below).

Some areas run male, female and mixed groups.

*Leamington and Stratford groups alternate weekly between daytime and evening sessions.

6 Week Autism Education Programme for Adults with Autism

Weekly 2 hour sessions will focus on:

  • Understanding Autism – what do we know about Autism?
  • Autism and positive wellbeing – working towards a more enjoyable, improved life
  • Understanding sensory needs
  • Communication skills – including social anxiety,
  • Friendships and social media
  • Anxiety management – coping with distress and managing emotions
  • Wider sources of support available
Start Date End Date Location Time
Fri 8th Nov Fri 13th Dec Rugby 10am-12noon
Mon 11th Nov Mon 16th Dec Nuneaton 10am-12noon
Thurs 28th Nov Thurs 9th Jan Coventry 10am-12noon
Wed 4th Dec Weds 15th Jan Stratford 10am-12noon
Mon 30th Dec Mon 3rd Feb Nuneaton 10am-12noon
Fri 3rd Jan Fri 7th Feb Rugby 10am-12noon
Mon 6th Jan Mon 10th Feb Leamington 10am-12noon
Thurs 23rd Jan Thurs 27th Feb Coventry 10am-12noon
Mon 10th Feb Mon 16th Mar Leamington 6pm-8pm
Mon 17th Feb Mon 23rd Mar Stratford 10am-12noon
Weds 19th Feb Weds 25th Mar Nuneaton 5.30pm-7.30pm
Fri 21st Feb Fri 27th Mar Rugby 5.30pm-7.30pm
Sat 7th Mar Sat 18th Apr Coventry 5.30pm-7.30pm
Mon 6th Apr Mon 18th May Nuneaton 10am-12noon
Fri 17th Apr Fri 22nd May Rugby 10am-12noon
Mon 20th Apr Mon 25th May Leamington 10am-12noon
Weds 22nd Apr Weds 27th May Stratford 6pm-8pm
Thurs 30th Apr Thurs 4th June Coventry 10am-12noon
Mon 1st June Mon 6th July Stratford 10am-12noon
Mon 1st June Mon 6th July Leamington 6pm-8pm
Fri 5th June Fri 10th July Rugby 10am-12noon
Mon 8th June Mon 13th July Nuneaton 10am-12noon
Thurs 18th June Thurs 23rd July Coventry 10am-12noon

All places must be booked via

The course is not a drop in.

Some courses are run with 6 sessions over a 7 week period.

Autism Workshop for partners/family members/carers

If you are living with and/or supporting an adult with autism, these 2 day workshops will offer a greater understanding of the person you are supporting, the opportunity to connect with others in a similar situation, and support and signposting to local community services near you.

Dates Location Time
Sat 8 & 22 Feb Nuneaton 10am-4pm
Mon 10 & 24 Feb Stratford 12.30-5pm
Weds 12 & 26 Feb Leamington 6-9pm
Tues 25 Feb & 10 March Rugby 10am-4pm

All places must be booked via

How will CAASS support help?

Support is aimed at providing individuals with the opportunity to:

  • Understand what autism is and how it affects them individually
  • Increase self-help strategies to better manage their emotional and mental wellbeing
  • Feel more confident to engage with others and community activities
  • Positively move forward independently to a more fulfilling life

Who is it for?

CAASS is available to adults who have or are waiting for an Autism assessment, or those who believe they are Autistic and would like further support.

Where will activities take place?

All activities will be provided across a range of venues in Coventry and Warwickshire.

How to take part

You can either self-refer or a professional can refer you.

What to expect

We will ask you to:

  • Provide personal details about yourself and information on support already in place
  • Complete forms during and post activities to tell us how support has helped and what else you would have liked that wasn’t available

Contact us

For more information about CAASS support services, you can contact us and/or
leave a message in one of the following ways:

t: 024 7771 4545

For us to contact you back, please leave a message with your:

  • name
  • contact details
  • postcode, and
  • service you are interested in

Places in all our activities are limited. To check availability, we advise you contact us in advance.
If our support is not for you, we will help with information on other support and/or community services to suit your needs as appropriate.

Peer Support with CW Mind

Between 2015 and 2017 Coventry and Warwickshire Mind took part in a pilot research programme alongside eight other Mind charities across England.

The aim was help improve the lives of people experiencing mental health problems across England by increasing the availability and quality of peer support.

One of the elements the research focused on was the core values of effective peer support.

Now we’re back!

After the completion of the Side by Side Peer Support Pilot in 2017 national Mind produced the research findings from the nine local Mind Peer Support Hubs and developed the Peer Support Toolkit.

Next steps

We are now looking to continue this work by reconnecting with established peer support groups across Coventry and Warwickshire, and by supporting new groups to develop.

We will be offering free training, based on the Side by Side Peer Support in Your Community Toolkit, for anyone involved in peer support, or anyone who wants to help start a group.

We also have a small grant funding opportunity of up to £250 (per group) to help groups develop, and we will be helping peers to organise an event to further promote peer support in the community and make connections with each other.

If you want to:

  • get involved in the training,
  • talk to us about your group,
  • use this website to promote your group,
  • or you are an organisation that’s thinking about supporting a peer group…

Please get in touch

Contact details

Fran Flint

Peer Support Project Lead – Side by Side in the Community

Coventry and Warwickshire Mind

Mob: 07970 407 657

Tel: 02476 552 847

Working Days: Monday and Tuesday

Terms of Grants

  1. Our seed funding grants are for peer support groups that support people with their mental health. Peer support is when people use their own experiences to help each other. It can happen on a one to one basis, online or in a group. It may involve a range of activities such as crafts, walking or meeting for coffee. Peer support is sometimes referred to group support, self-help or community groups.
  2. Our small grants are designed to be spent within 6-12 months.
  3. Groups who receive funds will become involved in our evaluation of peer support. This will involve letting us know how many people come to your group, completing short monthly questionnaire and if you are happy to, talking to our researchers 1to1 about the group. We do this so we can show that groups like yours improve the lives of your community. 
  4. All funds must be spent on your group and are not for personal spending.

Autism support service

The Autism support service aims to provide support to children, young people and families pre and post an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis.