Dream – Inspire – Create

Dream – Inspire – Create

This World Mental Health Day the theme is Suicide Prevention and the message ‘Ask Twice’, don’t be afraid to start a conversation and encourage someone to tell you how they’re feeling. I work for CWMind in Rugby doing just this and met a member of the public on World Suicide Prevention Day who’d come up with an inspiring way to do the same for young people locally.

Earlier this year I liked and followed the facebook page @wearedrm. I liked the concept, it was local to Rugby, the cover picture states ‘mental health community clothing’ all the images are super high quality in their urban styled composition and content.

Fast forward to September 10th in Rugby town centre, I was on the CWMind Journey bus, talking to people about mental health and wellbeing and our services,  whilst packing away I recognised the @wearedrm hoodie, I approached the hoodie wearer to say hi and compliment his clothing choice…it was Bill, founder of @wearedrm.

He is the easiest person to chat to, a carpenter by trade he works a day job but his passions are fashion and encouraging young people to talk through the small stuff and use creativity to overcome obstacles, low points and anxieties of their day to day life. 

When I come across someone with a raw passion for breaking the stigma around mental health there is usually a personal experience behind it. Ollie.  Ollie, Bill’s brother took his own life 5 years ago, when he was 18 years old is the reason for pursuing the DRM venture.  Bill talks of Ollie feeling as if he didn’t fit in to the social norm and wants to tell all the young people out there feeling similarly that they just haven’t found their place yet, we all have a talent for something. ‘The Fox Fund’ is a future goal for @wearedrm, it will be a fund young people can apply to for support in their own creative project or idea.

Designing clothes is Bill’s creative outlet, he talked proudly of his mum doing it when he was younger and he dreamed of his own fashion line.  Bill was keen to stress DRM isn’t a charity per se but more of a social enterprise, one that supports local charities and people, is able to purchase what it needs to grow and can ultimately maintain ‘The Fox Fund’ for the benefit of younger generations to come.

I can’t wait to see where Bill and the @wearedrm team go next, see photos of their latest clothing range, the AW charity event, read blogs and much much more on their facebook page and Instagram.